We wanted to draw everybody’s attention to our upcoming slate of couples events on select Sundays throughout the season! This is a fantastic opportunity to have a chance to play with other couples and enjoy fun company, entertaining golf, and — hopefully — beautiful weather!

Other than the Couples Club Championship, all events will be 9 holes. Obviously, couples are more than welcome to continuing playing all 18 holes, but only the first 9 will be involved in the day’s format. Women will play from the red tees. Men will play the tees they commonly hit from (white, white-gold, or gold).

Entry is $5 per couple for prizes (again, except for the Club Championship). Tee times start at 1:00pm.


May 21st — Two-Person Scramble
June 11th — Fairways, Greens, and Putts
June 25th — Hole Mix-Up (Back Nine)
July 9th — Blind Draw for Partners
July 23rd — Couples Club Championship (18 holes, 12pm start, Passholders only)
July 30th — Hole Mix-Up (Front Nine)
August 20th — Poker Hand Golf

Suggestions for other competition formats are encouraged! The goal for these events is to have formats where all golfers have a chance to win, regardless of ability level. Guests are welcome.

Sign-up for each event with the Pro Shop. Call or email Jim Roth or Tana Isaacson with any questions: (715) 699-1443 or [email protected]

Whether you can only make a few of the dates, or would be at each and every one, we would love to have you as part of this fun group!