Winter temperatures may finally be getting colder here in the Northwoods, but the simulator action is only heating up! We’re hosting our first organized simulator golf event in February: the HGC Simulator Scramble!

The format is as-follows:

•   18-Holes with Putting
    - 8-foot “Gimmies” 
•   Course: Pebble Beach
•   3-Person Teams
    - Sign-up in Groups of 3
•   Tees
    - Men Under 60: Regular Men’s Tees
    - Men 60+: Senior Tees
    - Women: Regular Women’s Tees
•   Entry: $250 Cash for the Group of 3
•   Prizes: Cash Pay-outs!
    - Example Based on a Field of 12 Teams:
        1st -- $800
        2nd -- $500
        3rd -- $300
        4th -- $200

The HGC Simulator Scramble will unfold over three days to accommodate all potential players: February 16th, 17th, and 18th. Teams can sign-up for the day and time that work best for their schedules!

To sign-up, contact the Pro Shop at (715) 634-2760! We hope this event injects a little more excitement into what can be some of the bleakest days of the winter offseason!