We may be making our way towards fall, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find new equipment to improve your game!  Titleist will be returning to HGC on September 7th for another fitting day.

From 1:00pm to 5:30pm, a Titleist rep will be on-hand at our practice facility, ready to assist you in trying out a variety of golf clubs.

Reservations are available in 45-minute slots, and you can book one HERE!

Joe Kuta Results

Thanks and congratulations to everyone who played in the Joe Kuta Senior Tournament over the weekend!

Full event results can be found on the Golf Genius app (event code CBBHEE).  Here are the flight winners:


Net: 2nd — Dick Klaus (80)

Net: 1st — Mike Kurklis (73)

Gross: 2nd — Bob Book (84)

Gross: 1st — Jeff Hubbard (81)


2nd Flight Net: 2nd — Tim Swanson (79)

2nd Flight Net: 1st — Chuck Hampton (77)

2nd Flight Gross: 2nd — Gregg Lundberg (90)

2nd Flight Gross: 1st — Chippy Velek (87)


1st Flight Net: 2nd — Pat Meyer (76)

1st Flight Net: 1st — Rob Frenchick (71)

1st Flight Gross: 2nd — Nils Hahnfeld (78)

1st Flight Gross: 1st — John Place (77)


3rd Flight Net: 2nd — Kevin Livgard (75)

3rd Flight Net: 1st — Jamie Klima (73)

3rd Flight Gross: 2nd — Doug McGarthwaite (86)

3rd Flight Gross: 1st — Dan Tonanto (75)

2nd Flight Net: 2nd — Joe Becker (75)

2nd Flight Net: 1st — Matt McKittrick (71)

2nd Flight Gross: 2nd — Troy Ausen (83)

2nd Flight Gross: 1st — Vili Andrei (78)

1st Flight Net: 3rd — Ross Stauffer (73)

1st Flight Net: 2nd — Steve Nichols (73)

1st Flight Net: 1st — Spud McVicker (72)

1st Flight Gross: 3rd — Eric Lawson (76)

1st Flight Gross: 2nd — Rick Brown (75)

1st Flight Gross: 1st — Gary Swanson (75)

Congratulations, Gary!

Junior Club Championship Reminder

A reminder for all Junior Passholders: our Junior Club Championship is this Friday, August 18th!  Tee times start at 11:04am.  More details available HERE

Call the Pro Shop today to sign-up for your chance to take home one of these trophies!