As we end the 2023 golf season, I wanted to provide a status report on the bunker/tee project that the course undertook this fall.

All tee identified for work have been completed. Unfortunately, the square footage for this work was underestimated by our consulting architect. This resulted in a cost overrun for this work. The same underestimate was present in the bunker project. Therefore, it was determined at a Grounds Committee meeting that some modification of the scope of work on our bunkers was needed to keep overall cost of the project in line.

After reviews of the work completed and the remaining work required, it was decided to remove three new bunkers from the work and modify (make smaller) several of the bunkers being reshaped. This plan was reviewed and approved unanimously at the October 18th Board Meeting. We expect this approach will bring the entire project at or near the budgeted cost.

The work will be completed by November 8th.

Quentin Johnson
President, Hayward Civic Corporation