Our new Junior League will provide junior golfers with the opportunity to move to the next step of their game by competing against similarly-skilled players on a weekly basis throughout June and July on most Sunday afternoons, with limited tee times starting at 3pm.

Points will be awarded based on place with a winner each week, and with a Junior Golf League Champion being announced at the end of the summer who will receive a first-ever Junior Golf League trophy.

The program will be split into multiple divisions which will likely include boys and girls aged 15-18, 13-14, and 11-12, who will likely play 9 holes each week. Depending on the age of the juniors, they may or may not be accompanied by Pro Shop staff on the course, and/or receive limited coaching or lessons. Ages 15 to 18 will be strictly a competitive experience with staff interaction only at the beginning and end of the round to insure proper score-keeping. Other ages will likely have staff accompany them on the course and may provide limited coaching.

Juniors don’t need experience playing against other juniors, but we would like your junior to have on-course experience with basic golf knowledge, or to have completed a junior golf program. Juniors relatively new to on-course play may start off playing only 3 or 6 holes rather than 9 holes. Pro Shop professional staff will be available to help juniors up to an hour before their tee time in the practice facility with basic swing mechanics and short game (if your child is looking for more extensive swing lessons, talk to the Professional staff for private or group lessons), as well as course management while they are competing.

Contact the Pro Shop if your junior is interested in the league. It’s FREE, no Season Pass or League membership required.