For 2024, we’re introducing a new event at the end of July: the Bill Rich Memorial on July 28th. This will be a new yearly tradition!

This will be a Passholder-only, 18-hole event. There will be 3 flights based on handicaps:
• Up to 5
• 6 – 10
• 10+

Within those flights, it will be gross stroke play.

Entry will be $100 per player, and the event will have an all-cash payout.

While this event will be open to any Passholders, it will be of particular interest to those who are trying to qualify for our Black & Blue Cup (see full details about that HERE and HERE. The winners of each flight in the Bill Rich Memorial will get automatic exemptions into the Black & Blue.

And speaking of the Black & Blue, here are the top ten points-holders who haven’t already earned exemptions:

  1. Keith Coln — 76 points
  2. Nolan Arthur — 74 points
  3. Josh Passolt — 74 points
  4. Mike McDonald — 73 points
  5. Zack Briggs — 70 points
  6. Kayleb Martin — 70 points
  7. Pete Rich — 64 points
  8. Jeff Hotvet — 63 points
  9. Brian Barnett — 62 points
  10. Jackson Terry — 60 points

There are also two exemptions from Hayward Open:

  • Eli Robbins
  • Brad Rollinson

If you have any questions about where you stand in the current points race, contact the Pro Shop!